Livio Lamonea

Livio with his 7 String Turbulence
Visit Livio's MySpace Page

Borislav Mitic

Borislav with his Turbulence 729-R
Visit Borislav's site

Yuichi Oshima

Yuichi Oshima with his Turbulence!
Visit Kadenzza site

Dushan Svilokos

Officially endorsed by Gary Kramer Guitars!
Dushan and his Deltawing
Visit Dushan's site

Paul Defrancisco
Xes Whiskey

Paul demos the Delta Wing while playing some classic Van Halen, click here.

Strangle Hold on the Delta Wing,
click here.

Mike Gutierrez
Liquid Lounge

Check out an exclusive video of
Mike's work with Liquid Lounge
click here.

Gary Kramer Artists

Bobby Messano
Steve Winwood, Lou Gramm, Franke & The Knockouts

Bobby Messano with a Gary Kramer
Delta Wing Guitar

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John Romans
Vicarious Mary

John plays a seven string Turbulence
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Marty Mostad
Cessation of Life

Marty playing a Custom Shop Venom
Visit Cessation of Life's site

Jeff Gilker
Beyond Reason, Black Box,
Tom's Garage

Jeff playing a Cathedral with a white Phantom on standby.
Check out Beyond Reason on MySpace.


J21 with a white Turbulence R-36
Visit J21's site or MySpace page.

Simon Moon

Simon with his Turbulence R-29 and his Guitarist of the Year Award.
Check out Thread on MySpace.

Mike Wolverton
Shady Train

Mike with his Cathedral Deluxe..
Visit Mike's website, find Shady Train on MySpace or check out their website.

Anton Oparin

Anton with his Cathedral Deluxe.
Check out Anton demonstrating some of his skills at a clinic in Los Angeles.

Jimmy B
The Fordham Baldies

Jimmy with his Russian Roulette..
Visit Jimmys's band, The Fordham Baldies at MySpace

Scott Kahn
Days Before Tomorrow

Scott with his Cathedral Deluxe..
Visit Scott's band, Days Before Tomorrow at MySpace

Frank D'Angelo

Frank with his Deltawing R-36..
Visit Frank's project, Oxygene8 at MySpace

Adrenalin Traffic

Adrenalin Traffic with his Illusionist..
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